Excuse Me for a Moment

I am about to upgrade to WordPress 2.5.

So please ignore any short term randomness as I disable plugins, upgrade and (hopefully not) troubleshoot. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program shortly!

Thanks for your patience.

* Update (20 minutes later) – Upgrade is complete. If you notice any randomness from here on in, it’s completely my fault!

One thought on “Excuse Me for a Moment”

  1. Hi Michael. The folks at oneshoppingcart.com referred me to you. They thought you might have some hints on what I'm after…. a wordpress plugin to manage the items in my store. Right now the store is a mess, (due to an idiot designer.)

    It seems overwhelming to organize it… and the site is already on wordpress. any ideas on plugins that may do the work for me?


    Brad Montgomery

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