Some new stuff is undergoing some changes… all for the better.

First, this site was never intended to be a strict ‘Internet Marketing’, ecommerce, or social media type blog.  MichaelValiant is me, literally (obviously) and I get bored writing about the same thing all the time (sorry, blame the gemini in me).

So, in order to try and regain my center (refind my Zen as it were) is about to shift more towards my original plan.  Feel free to let me know whether you love, or hate the changes that will be occuring over the next couple of weeks.

The good news is that I will be posting more often.  Actually, I will be posting just as often, but now, the posts I do on other blogs will be syndicated back to this one, which will continue to be my main ‘home’ online.

The bad news (at least for some, I anticipate), is those posts will vary in topic along with my interests. I will continue (and actually increase) my writing on ecommerce, SEO, social media, internet marketing, blogging, etc. etc. etc. but you will soon see more posts that are ‘off-topic’, especially food related (I like talking about food).

I also plan on delving more into productivity and life-hack type topics, parenting, and other things that I like to do, see and talk about (like music and movies!)

In the end it’s all good news and broadening the scope of this site will allow me to spend more time talking about the things I love (like Reputation Management… yeah, I know, I’m a geek) and less time worrying about whether or not a topic is applicable/right for this blog.  From now on, it’s ALL right.

What I WILL try to do is this:  While I will continue to show full posts for everything I write specifically for this blog (as I’ve always done), I will use the ‘More’ tag and only show snippets for everthing that is syndicated in from my other blogs (and therefore, a little more off-topic).

I installed the FeedWordPress 0.993 plugin to help me with this, and I love it so far!

You may notice that I’ve already setup my Food site to syndicate content to this blog.  I have to work out a few display quirks (spacing and blank lines seem to be missing in the syndicated content), I really like the plugin so far.

Thanks for your patience in advanced while I try to get organized over the next week or two.