My Daily Twitter – 2007-09-26

  • Thinking about how to manage many social media streams and effectively present them to the people looking for them… #
  • @chrisbrogan my experience says they need to know WHY they ought to do it… over, and over, and over again #
  • @chrisbrogan it took me 8 months just to get a blog implemented at work the first time :) #
  • ah, time to put kids to bed! #
  • Ah! how’d it get to be 2 am already?!?! #
  • lol, You know you’re too busy when you forgot your press release went out & you stumble across it on CNN!
  • oops, broke link @@!*!*& Twitter :) #
  • @chrisbrogan I just saw a twitter you made earlier… Has another podcamp Toronto been scheduled? I hadn’t heard anything about it. #

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