My Daily Twitter – 2007-09-19

  • @sooz Would you happen to have any invites to yahoo Mash available? I’d appreciate one , thanks if possible! #
  • Looks like TechCrunch40 Crunched… #
  • @fairminder wow! that’s a great link, thanks! Just gotta figure out how to get the DB back into the new domain now… :) #
  • @ChrisBrogan I’ve changed my Twitter username 3 times now :) experimenting. The only downside is SEO loss (if you care about that) #
  • Anyone have a Yahoo Mash invite they can share? appreciate it! mvaliant @ #
  • looks nice, but no good for a Canadian :) #
  • ‘Gratz @asbjornRiedel! #
  • FYI, while talking like a pirate today, ye scurvy dogs, a good scowl is essential… Arrrrr… #
  • Nice! If you don’t know how to post like a Pirate, this site’s fer you: Arrrr… #
  • Just read about the Facebook app VC fund. whoa! #

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