My Daily Twitter – 2007-09-18

  • @shariV thanks for the link, there was some helpful info there. Looks like I’m going to have to redirect every blog post individually! :( #
  • @shariv I have to change the directory structure, so it will take me a bit :) Fortunately it’s not an old blog, so only a few dozen posts! #
  • You think your gig’s hard? Watch this short vid of @GlendaWH That’s Canadian grit! #
  • Okay, time for a 301 session… ack. #
  • lol nice! I wish I could say my French was better than it is… I can WTF with my eyes closed though :) #
  • Whoa, creating 301′s to new domain ( and someone stumbled me. Thanks for the love and resulting traffic typhoon! #
  • Somehow I’ve gone and lost my Feedburner login info… Frustrating!! #
  • Going to bike to work tomorrow. route picked through google maps :) I’m such a geek. Well, a geek who can bike 5.7 km to work anyway. #
  • G’nite from Canada Twitter’ites #
  • If you try to say too much, you say nothing at all, so this morning I have only 1 question; How can I help you succeed today? #
  • Anyone tried out: Wondering if it’s worth the trouble… #
  • @fairminder Unfortunately I’m a business/SEO kind of geek and not an IT/dev kind of geek. I know how to export my db, but then I’m stuck! #
  • Hi Chris’ Brother! @ChrisD #
  • lol @Pistachio my 2 year old loves the blue back-lit button that turns my computer off… and often ends my workday early :) #
  • opened up to the public, but looks like their sign-up process is down :) must have been a lot of people waiting to get in :) #

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