The Thirty Day Challenge


In a nutshell… The Thirty Day Challenge is about making your first $10 online. For a full 30 days Ed Dale, Dan Raine and crew are going to show you exactly how to start your own Internet business and generate your first income online without spending a dime.

That’s right, this is going to cost zip, diddly, nothing, nada, ziltch. The entire training program is free, and you won’t have to spend a thing to get your business started and begin making money. No credit card required.


‘Cause I want to!

Just kidding! I’m promoting it because I believe that Ed Dale, Dan Raine and everyone else who had a hand in putting this program together have done a great job.

I’ve had an ear in the Internet Marketing world for a number of years; have listened, watched and participated in dozens of different programs and products; have attended numerous seminars and shows; listened in on, and even hosted dozens of teleseminars; and have been lucky enough to be able to chat with some of the best in the business… So I know quality when I see it.

And the fact that Dan and Ed are giving it all away COMPLETELY free is incredible and humbling and when it comes down to it, that’s the kind of people that I want to be involved with and promote.

This isn’t a promotion for money (it’s free after all) this is heartfelt promotion in a quality product that can help beginners get a leg up online.

This also isn’t a one off sort of thing as I also agreed to act as a moderator in the Thirty Day Challenge Forum!

So, if you want to learn the basics of Internet Marketing, this is the program for you.

If you don’t really want to be an Internet Marketer, but want to run a ‘real’ (and by that I really mean a ‘more-traditional’) type of business online, this is still the program for you.

So what are you waiting for… it’s free after all!

Get Started with the Thirty Day Challenge here!