30 Day Challenge Brings Social Media to a Grinding Halt?


I won’t go into it too much because I don’t want to jump ahead of anything that Ed may be going over this coming week.

But when you are using social sites, you have to be really mindful of the community you are entering, because they ARE social…

Each site has it’s own expected behaviour. What has happened with Tumblr may happen with people’s individual accounts on these sites too.

So be careful. It takes a little longer, but when you open a new account on these sites (Digg, newsvine, etc) spend enough time on the site to become familiar with what is happening ON that site.

Then spend some time to use your account like it was actually intended to be used.

Only THEN should you actually start posting your own sites to them. And even then, your own content should never consist of more than 25% of the content you are posting (and much less on sites like Digg)

And remember too, not all posts are appropriate for all sites. If your keyword doesn’t fit into one of their categories… move on to the next site!

There could be a whole 30 day training just on how to appropriately use sites like these… so just use your head and remember what Ed has been trying to stress:


Picture it like this… You are sitting in the food court at a local mall when some guy (or girl) comes rushing in like a bull, throwing their business card around at everyone they see then goes rushing back out the other side of the food court.

What are you going to do with the business card that landed on your table?

Probably leave it there when you leave.

The moral is, try to leave a soft footprint. Join the conversation. Leave behind GOOD content. And always try to leave more than you took.

The social world will be a better place for your efforts.


Carry on the good job Ed (et all)