30 Day Challenge Update & Musings


3 targetted keyphrases so far on:
1 Tumblr Blog (still active Yay!)
1 Squidoo Lens
1 Previously owned domain (not qualified as part of the challenge, but using for practice!)

I have Google Analytics installed on Tumblr and my own domain.

Social Media:

Using SocialPoster.com I have signed up for close to 40 bookmarking/social media sites. I say most since a few don’t seem to work, and a couple of others have restricted signups right now :) I had accounts at a number of these sites already, but wanted to start fresh for the purposes of this challenge.

I have to say, that it took A LONG @!!@#**@!# time to signup for all of these services. The process is mind-numbing. The results from the vast majority of them negligible. That being said, running through the whole list for the second site was gratifyingly easy.


Here I have been falling behind. I haven’t written many articles at all. For one keyword I am even a little confused on what to write about.

While the main reason I haven’t done many articles is lack of time (been playing catch up for a week) I am also confused about what we are supposed to be doing with those articles. If I am writing 3 per day on each topic… do they go in a blog or am I supposed to be submitting them all to an article directory?

Re-Watching one of the more recent videos last night, I noticed Ed mentioned something about NOT adding more and more content to the Tumblr blog, which I noticed from their examples (wedding planning etc). So shall I write 12 articles and Spam an article directory with them then?

Or is the article writing strictly a practice tool (which there was mention of) and they can just be filed locally to be used later possibly?

Ed has been very clear that this program is NOT about the affiliate sales but about starting an online business. That means, eventually I would expect them to talk about product creation (it is Step 4 of the Magnificent Symphony after all!) Perhaps there is an ebook on the way and all these articles (3 per day X 17ish days = 55+ articles per keyword) are merely prewritten fodder for the pdf!

Well, I put myself in hands of the instructors, but have to say, I’m not new to Internet Marketing and it’s been very difficult to not run ahead and assume I know what is coming next. But I promised myself I would try and FORGET (or at least ignore) what I already know and follow the 30DC outline.

So here I am, looking at a week of missed article writing and trying to decide whether to lock myself in a room and write for the next 4 days to catch up :)


My own domain is rocking the Serps. Easily on the first page in 24 hours and moving towards the top.

Squidoo and Tumblr pages have not shown up yet… but I just used SocialPoster on them both for the first time, so we’ll see.

First Sale:

How critical is an affiliate sale at this stage of the game? Is a sale going to be the determining factor on whether or not we move forward with that specific keyword? What if my Squidoo page just doesn’t convert? I woultn’t want to lose a potentially good keyword because I used the wrong platform!

Symphony of 3:

Finding a niche:

I’ve defined a large number of potentially great markets; including one with almost as much traffic as it has competition. For me, finding niche markets has always been easy. And while I don’t want to get distracted with too many sites, and therefore too much work, I think I will setup at least one more of my keywords on another, separate blog service.

Getting the traffic:

I’ve been playing around with social media sites for a couple of years and am familiar with the traffic they can bring.

That being said, I’ve been extremely suprised with Stumble during the past couple of weeks, and the large number of visits I am seeing from their service… Happy, but suprised.

So again, for me, getting traffic is not an issue.


Here’s where things are getting a little tricky. I have a really bad habit of Finding niches, Getting large amounts of traffic, and not doing anything with the results (I currently have a website that see’s 12k unique visitors per month… and I’m not monetizing the traffic in the slightest!)

So I have a clickbank affiliate link on my Tumblr Blog, I have amazon links on my own domain and on my Squidoo lens, and I have google ads on my squidoo lens too (as part of squidoo). But is it enough?

I haven’t made a sale… apparently I haven’t even had a click on my outgoing sales links. Bah. Maybe I’m telling the wrong story? But, as you can see, writing is not a sore point with me either (although perhaps sales writing is? :) don’t tell my day job or I’m in trouble!)

I’m getting fidgety right now.

Next Steps:

  • start one more site on a new platform
  • Find time to write articles
  • Spend some time in the 30DC forums trying to figure out what to do next

I’d love to hear where you are in your 30DC, please leave me a comment!

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  1. Michael – Where are the dates on these posts? I can't tell if you're talking about 2007 or 2008 here. I'm assuming 2008, but who knows? Just stumbled over here from a friend's tweet, but can't tell when you are.


  2. Hi Susan,

    Actually, this was from 2007. I've been so busy this year, I haven't been able to keep up with the 2008 challenge.

    I'm not sure why there are no dates on some of these older posts… I'll have a look and see if I can figure it out… :(

    Thanks for visiting!


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