Firefox is the #1 Browser

I was just glancing through some of the analytics for this domain ( and noticed that Firefox has taken over as the number one browser being used by visitors.

And firefox didn’t just slide ahead, it blew by IE usage!

So either Firefox is taking a huge market share nowadays (and I love the new betas of 3 (other than the fact that my plugins don’t work)! So keep it up FF!) or I am attracting more and more of the geeky side of the interwebs.   :)

Either way, Firefox rocks this blog!

FireFox rocks this blog

2 thoughts on “Firefox is the #1 Browser”

  1. Michael,

    I think the geeks like us have voted and FF is the clear winner. Funny the rest of the planet hasn’t caught up.

    After I read your post, I looked at the analytics for and it’s 63.15% Firefox.

    Then I opened the analytics for one of my clients. Someone who attracts a very business oriented clientele. Opposite: 80% IE, only 15.3% Firefox.

    That’s an amazing swing. And if the mainstream folks start to follow us geeks, that’s bad for Microsoft. (weep weep).


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