Why do we love social media?

Was just over at the the Buzzbin and read the interview with Wendy Harman of the American Red Cross. Social media is a forum that was made for non-profits and I’m always interested in seeing how they are taking advantage of available tools (read how the Red Cross is using Twitter to see what I mean!)

I love asking people what they like about the Internet, web 2.0 and of course the social web and new media and Wendy had a great answer:

I also truly enjoy the realness it encourages. I love the blurring of personal and professional personas, I love the democratization of media, I love the many gray areas it’s created in the world of intellectual property, I love its messiness, and I love the sheer gargantuan possibility for collective knowledge sharing. This is an exciting time. Plus, bloggers tend to be snarky and clever and funny and creative and I am easily amused by them.

Cheers Wendy!