Future of the Press Release

My mini-holiday is quickly coming to an end (will be back in the office on monday) and I’m trying to get my brain back in the game tonight by catching up on some RSS reading (shhh. Don’t tell my wife!)

Unfortunately, typical to my partially type-A personality, my light reading quickly became heavy research on a couple of fasinating topic and I find myself not wanting to turn off my computer at 2:30 AM.

Where am I going with that?  The fact that I don’t have enough time (or energy) for a long post for starters…

Second, my brain has been almost completely occupied with Social Media related topics since I attended the BigSeminar last week and I know it’s going to be difficult getting back into my irregular groove in the office on Monday.  Meaning, in part, that I’ll have to use this blog to get some thoughts out of the way this week.

One of the big ones that has been bugging me and you should therefore expect to read more about, (I suppose that’s a bit presumptuous of me – you will come back and read more won’t you?) is the whole concept of a Social Media Press Release.

I’ve seen both good (both long and shorter examples) and bad ones recently.

One of the questions that I am interested in is what is the core of the future Press Release.  Is it something that demands conversation and interaction?   Something that caters to Social Media outlets? Something that delivers traditional Press Release speak in a flashier document?

Don’t overthink this!  I think the better approach is simply the same direction I see marketing, advertising etc heading in general.

That is, to stop force feeding a general audience marketing and business propeganda using a very particular channel and start offering specific audiences access to great free content via the channels they already prefer using.

The result will foster conversations between the right people and groups while providing the toolbox full of goodies they need.  It’s a slam dunk and lightyears better than a traditional Press Release.

I think one of my favourite aspects is the fact that, while a lot more work to compile, it could become a destination all on it’s own.  Unlike a traditional Press Release that you have to get right once then send it out, the future Press Release could be an evolving and dynamic entity that could be released early and evolve along with the associated product (or whatever the PR is about).  Of course a robust RSS feed would be mandatory and enable interested parties to follow the progression/release/evolution of your product.

Food for thought.

I want to discuss this more in the coming weeks and would love to know your thoughts on the future of Press Releases!  Where do you think their going? What will work, and what won’t?  Have you seen any good, or bad examples lately?

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