OMG! Off to SF for OMW!

Ignore the title of this post, it just sort of happened…

Tomorrow… actually, a little later this morning (I can’t sleep), I’ll be heading to the airport and off to the west coast to attend the Online Market World conference in the Moscone Centre in Sunny San Francisco (IS it sunny in SF?)

I’m looking forward to the event, even though I have to leave a little early and won’t make it to any of the sessions held on Friday.

If you are in SF, or will be for the event, drop me a line and we’ll hook up for coffee! (or tea, I hear there is an amazing Tea House in MC north!)  I’ll be checking blog comments, twitter and email while I’m away, although will be refreshingly unplugged for the most part.

okay, that’s it, short and sweet.  Look for me in SF… I’ll be looking for you!

2 thoughts on “OMG! Off to SF for OMW!”

  1. Michael – On your way to Moscone Center you MUST go to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building on Saturday (make sure you go all the way 'round to the back). It opens at 8:00 a.m., closes at 2:00. Don't eat before you go – lots of spectacular food vendors, and stunning photo opportunities.It is one of the most amazing food venues in the world.

    The Ferry Building is at the foot of Market Street; Moscone center is off of Market and 4th. Ya gotta.

    SF is the land of food. Enjoy! (can you tell I'm homesick!)

  2. Alline,

    Thanks for the great tip! I missed it unfortuantely because I flew back on Friday afternoon, but I'll make sure to hit it next time I'm in town (my wife has made me promise to take her back soon!)

    We love Farmer's Markets, so it will be a must stop!

    I loved SF, we had a great time and enjoyed a lot of great food (esp. sushi!)


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