Canadian Foodies in 2008

Hello everyone!

Thanks for visiting. To any of my old regulars, thanks for checking back.

We’ve been a little quiet around here over the past 6 months or so… what can I say :)

I’ve been hibernating through the long Canadian Winter!

Actually we’ve been really busy with other ventures… a new baby in January (our second daughter!), a flood in February that destroyed our basement, and being generally busy trying to plan out the future of CanadianFoodies.

You see, we really didn’t have much of a plan when we started… we just wanted some good eats, and we wanted a way to share them… That original intent kind of expanded into starting to cover our local restaurant scene (which proved to much with 3 young children :) etc…

To our surprise we were really well received! We were sent lots of great feedback and we eventually decided that if we were going to continue this blog we were going to need to have a better plan as we moved forward…

So here we are. Plan in hand.

And I’m happy to say that not much is going to change… except our focus.

We’re not just interested in eating GOOD food, we’re passionate about eating good HEALTHY food! No factory produced, plastic packaged goods for our family! Some of our other concerns & passions include the environment, green living, healthy lifestyles, family values and organic eating…

Whew… get all that?

So this Blog is about to see a bit of a transformation as you take back seat in my families ride as we navigate our typically transfat, chemical and additive filled lives as we search for a better way to live longer, live stronger and live happier!

This year we had the opportunity to plant our own garden (about 30X30!) on a relatives property. So we’re going to be talking about organic gardening and our struggles there (and there have been struggles already).

We’re also going to try and start incorporating video soon… sorry, that’s all I’m going to say about that for now :)

Whew! (did I say that already?)

I’m spent for now…

Hope to see you soon as we cycle up this conversation that we hope you’ll join us in!


The Valiants.