Breaded Veal with Mushroom Gravy

I forgot to take a picture! -ack- I must be out of practice…

I took a few days off work to celebrate an extra long holiday weekend (and my birthday – yay me!-) and that generally means a little more time to plan a nice meal.

And in typical fashion, I went with a few new dishes…

Thursday night meant Breaded veal in a rich mushroom gravy (a hunters-style gravy) and lemon beans (with lemon zest and more mushrooms) .

I’ve never actually cooked veal before and it was has been one of those items on my cooking to-do list for awhile. I know, veal isn’t exactly uncommon, the reason I’ve never cooked it before is actually that I am much more of a vegetarian than a carnivore. Oh, I love my BBQ, never fear… but I generally follow a meat-centric meal with several days of veggie-centric foods.

So, first time cooking veal it was!

The Veal

I choose a scallopini cut, figuring it would be easy to manage (as long as I didn’t overcook it!) and breading was acheived through a simple 3 bowl method (dip in bowl of flour, followed by dip in a bowl of milk & egg, followed by a dip in breadcrumbs). Veal was then cooked for a very short period of time (5 ish minutes flipping once).

Sauce was a combination of freshly sauteed mushrooms in a rich-dark gravy. (writing this is making me hungry!)

The Beans

This was a simple recipe:

About a pound of beans were boiled just long enough to soften.

1 Fresh lemon was zested (grate the outside layer of peel into a bowl!) and juiced.

About 1/4 lb of button mushrooms were sauteed in olive oil(about 5 minutes with one stir in the middle!)

Once the mushrooms were ready, beans and lemon (both zest and juice) were added to the pan along with pepper, and a dash of dill and basil; and the whole thing was mixed over medium heat for a few minutes.

Thats it. The entire meal took about 20 minutes to prepare AND cook and was delicious!

Served with salad (which we always have pre-prepared) and fresh bread!

Next time I’ll try and remember the photos!