What’s Facebook NOT Telling you?

SecretsFacebook is big… really big.

And things that big get picked on. Hey, it may not be fair but that’s just the way it is. Don’t cry for Facebook of course, they have about 146 million reasons (annual revenue + active users) to not care about prattle coming from nay-sayers.

This article is not about the nay-sayers though, nor is it about feeling sorry for Facebook…

I did want to talk about one comment that was made to me earlier this week though. I was told (paraphrased, I’m sure):

It’s really terrible that Facebook is opening up more and more all the time, especially now that they’re letting Google into the party… They should pay attention to where they came from and stay a closed system

But here’s a little secret for all the people against the opening up of Facebook:

Facebook knows something about the fundamental keys that will make up eCommerce 2.0… and they’re not telling you.

But I like to share so I will…

Ready for this? It’s really simple, but really huge…

People DON’T buy from friends.

See, simple. But core to eCommerce 2.0. And Facebook knows this.

(Image by thatgirl)

2 thoughts on “What’s Facebook NOT Telling you?”

  1. Well, there’s two problems with it I think

    1. People don’t like asking their friends/family for money. Nor do they like being asked for money. I have both family and friends currently who are reselling one product or another (not avon or tupperware, but those sorts of things) and while I’m happy to buy something once in a while to support their endeavors, I hate being expected to do so.

    2. Your friends and family just don’t offer a big enough market :) Simple economics.

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