If I don’t wave back…


I’ve come to the realization lately (there was no real lightning bolt moment, it was a discovery that dawned upon me slowly) that I have some of my best, most lucid thoughts while driving around.

Many of my “Ah HA!” moments come to me somewhere along Steel Street; about the half-way mark on my drive home.

I don’t know what it is exactly, but it’s true.  Maybe it’s the fresh air (I drive with the windows down typically) or empty mind state (by your 30′s driving doesn’t take much thought, esp. on a well travelled route), or some combination of other factors…

Whatever it is though, I drive with a notepad and a digital recorder lately!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you see me on the road and wave, don’t be upset if I don’t wave back, I’m probably deep in thought.

Where’s your ‘Thinking Spot’?

2 thoughts on “If I don’t wave back…”

  1. The shower, I'm afraid, like everyone else! though I agree there is something splendidly soothing about driving. I use that time to listen to my iPod (via the car's audio system) and catch up on all the “free” seminars one can download.

  2. Absolutely! The shower holds strong as my #2 Thinking Spot :)

    I used to listen to my iPod on the way home, but my drive is only about 10 minutes. You can't listen to much in 10 minutes, but it's amazing how many great thoughts can bubble up in that time!

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