The Dao of Twitter

I almost titled this post: “How I hate Mondays” but Twitter came to my rescue and what started as an idle search actually ended up making me feel a little better about the beginning of the week!

This all started off with a headache on a Monday morning… here’s a personal confession for you: I hate Mondays. Not JUST because it’s Monday or because I don’t like my job or most of the typically cited reasons… actually, my hatred also extends to the first day back to work after more than 2 days off; there are a few reasons I hate Mondays, but lets just leave it at the fact that I love spending time with my family so hate to see the end of the weekend :)

So here we are on another Monday and I thought I’d try and make myself feel a little better by checking out the TwitterSphere to see if there was anyone else down on the Mondays. And I have to say, I was surprised to discover how much hate there actually was floating around so early in the week… Here is a small selection of the Monday hate notes that jumped out at me (Names withheld to protect the innocent haters):

I hate Mondays.
Ugh I really hate Mondays,
I think I hate
I hate her “food” and I use the term loosely
I hate money
I hate getting my oil changed
I HATE the internet
I HATE sport
I hate most musicals. TALK OR SING. I hate sing-talk
I hate all things Adobe
I hate insurance companies
I hate stupid people
Did I mention I hate this airport? No? Well, I hate this airport
I hate job hunting
Switzerland… Crap. I hate going there…
argh! i hate flickr
I hate it when you open a foiltop yogurt and it spatters you
I hate buses

Now, I’m a big believer in Karma and Vipaka, what goes around comes around, do unto others… etc, etc, etc. Whatever your nationality, the colour of your skin or your religious beliefs, it’s been my experience that you’ve likely heard some variation of this…

Basically, <sidetrack warning> we humans generally know that it’s a pretty good idea to conduct ourselves in a moral and positive manner. (unfortunately for too many people, daily life gets in the way and we tend to react instead of acting)</sidetrack>

Where I’m (eventually) going is that reading this list of Monday morning hatred actually made me feel more down than when I started (although there were some, like “I hate sweating”, that DID make me laugh), and I figured that the Universal Karma of Twitter couldn’t let this list go unanswered; Twitter, by the very laws of the universe, must balance itself out in someway…

so I did another search and found that I was right, the Twitterverse has balanced itself out:

The ‘I Hates’ The ‘I Loves’
Switzerland… Crap. I hate going there… I Love NYC.
(runner up: ‘Dear Canada: I love you and your wonderfulness’)
RAWRRR I HATE SCHOOL. I love this school thing.
I hate all things Adobe. I love InDesign
I hate it when you open a foiltop yogurt and it spatters you. <who can refute that!?>
I hate her “food” and I use the term loosely I love linguine al pesto and pasta fagioli.
Did I mention I hate this airport? No? Well, I hate this airport. I love flying Jet Blue
I hate getting my oil changed. I love it that the place I get my oil change is next door to the bakery. Bear claws for bfast!
argh! i hate flickr. I love the pics you used in your latest post!
I HATE the internet. God I love the Internet.
I HATE sports. I love Kickball…
I hate most musicals. TALK OR SING. I hate sing-talk. I love My Fair Lady!
I hate money. I love money
I hate job hunting I love job postings that are unintentionally accurate:
I hate insurance companies <I got nothing>
I think I hate i love woot.
i hate stupid people I love when people are hella stupid. (I know… doesn’t exactly refute the hate… but funny)
I hate buses, I love the transit. thats how I plan my bus rides.
I hate Mondays. <wait for it>
Ugh I really hate Mondays, I love Mondays… Fresh start. Fresh Perspective.

This made me feel much better… The Dao of Twitter has taken care of itself this Monday morning. And I hope there is a small lesson in this for everyone… Always look on the bright side of life (I can’t even TYPE that without hearing the Monty Python song!)

I also want to say thanks to jacoutofthebox for the ‘I love Mondays’ quote. Fresh start, Fresh Perspective. I like it and will be making an attempt to start loving Mondays a little more.

Do you have a good reason to love/hate mondays too?