60 days of silence

Wow! it’s actually been 2 months since my last post… (last post on this blog anyway)

What happened? well, 2 days after my last post my wife gave birth to our third child (3 in under 3 years!), work has been crazy, oh, and we had a flood and lost almost everything in our basement… ouch!

Suffice to say we’ve been busy.

But things are finally starting to calm down (yeah right… I hear that won’t really happen till the kids move out to university; about 20 years or so left and counting).

The good news is, I’ve had lots of time to sit (or more often pace) and think, and I have a notebook full of ideas to get all of my sites up and racing.

The game plan is to focus this blog a little more on the social media side of what I do, and how small and medium businesses can take advantage of the free and cheap tools to stand toe to toe with the big guys online… of course there will still continue to be some loosely related topics discussed from time to time…

Until then, have a great read!