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Online Ads Work


This week I’ve been dabbling my toes in the perpetually ongoing ‘Online Ads’ debate.

Specifically looking into the ‘do people really click on ads’ portion of this multi-armed octopus.

And then it hit me… even I click on ads all the time!

The realization came to me on the NewYorkTimes website as I tried to click-through to a specific article I wanted to look at. Up popped the hated & intrusive Interstitial Ad; and right away I raced my mouse to the top right corner to seek out and click on the “Skip This Ad” link.

So you see… Online ads really do work!

What can you really get for a dollar?

Apparently you can gain access to the video recordings and take-aways of Matt Bacak’s previously (very) expensive seminars.

I think I’ll pay my buck just to see what he has to offer, although there is very little any of the Internet Marketing ‘gurus’ have to say that suprises me anymore.

That being said, I met Matt last fall down in Georgia and have to say he was refreshingly down to earth and I enjoyed hearing about his process at the time.  That and the fact that all monies are apparently being forwarded on to Habitat for Humanity are good enough reasons for me to part with my dollar.

I am curious though what Matt’s affiliates are gaining from this.  I’ve received email from a number of different marketers regarding the event, and some of them are offering various perks for using their link.  Not a new tactic of course, I suppose it just proves that the list rules!

Anyway,  I’ll offer some kind of review once I’ve had a look through, so stay tuned, or go pick it up yourself here.