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Farmers Market Withdrawl

We’ve missed out on Farmer’s markets two weekends in a row now for various reasons and I’m starting to go through withdrawl.

I’ve pretty much run out of produce (except for lettuces and radish which we pulled from our own garden this week) and am dreading having to put in a visit to the grocery store to buy their ‘fresh’ product.

I’m not sure why Saturday mornings are becoming difficult (3 kids under 3.5 years old) but we’re having a hard time getting out of the house in time to make the markets.

I think this week we will visit the Eco-market at Hempola farms. We’ve been talking about it for a year, but Friday nights come and go and we always forget!

Ack – a note from the tech side of my personality… Apparently Hempola Farms haven’t updated their site since 2004! The good news is their Eco-Market will be up and running again in the spring of 2005! Doh! I missed it! Come on Hempola, I know farms aren’t always thought of as being part of the most tech-savvy industry, but try to make at least ANNUAL updates to your site if you are going to go to the trouble of having one!

What does your garden grow?

Garden specs :

The 2008 garden is a little below 25 X 30 feet, or ~850 square feet.

Biggest pests so far:

  • Mosquitos – Installed bat boxes and spray on repellent
  • Ants – Don’t know what to do about this menace!

Garden 2008


We’ve planted the following:

  • Corn
  • Eggplant
  • Various Heritage Tomatoes
  • Ground Cherries
  • Various Peppers (green, red, orange etc)
  • Jalapeño
  • Horseradish

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Upgrading my Blog

I am about to upgrade to WordPress 2.5.

So please ignore any short term randomness as I disable plugins, upgrade and (hopefully not) troubleshoot. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program shortly!

Thanks for your patience.

* Update (15 minutes later) – Upgrade complete. If you notice any further randomness, it is completely my fault!

Breaded Veal with Mushroom Gravy

I forgot to take a picture! -ack- I must be out of practice…

I took a few days off work to celebrate an extra long holiday weekend (and my birthday – yay me!-) and that generally means a little more time to plan a nice meal.

And in typical fashion, I went with a few new dishes…

Thursday night meant Breaded veal in a rich mushroom gravy (a hunters-style gravy) and lemon beans (with lemon zest and more mushrooms) .

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Wintered Vegetables

We spent a day in the fields today. For future refernce (because I know you MUST be visiting and reading my site fanatically!) Saturday or Sunday means garden day.

Unfortunately, and if you followed along last summer you probably know, we live in the city. Not that living in the city is unfortunate, there are plenty of good things about living in the city and at this point in our lives it just makes sense to be close to everything. But, I was raised in the country and would like to find my way back sometime before I retire :)

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