Blogging / SEO tip of the day…

I have a quick Blogging/SEO tip for today:

I finally figured out what went wrong with my template. Thanks for all the suggestions, but it looks like it was my own error in the end (not that I thought it was going to be anything else!)

A snippet of code I put in to prevent a particular category from appearing on my HomePage seems to have turned all of my paginated pages into copies of my HomePage. (But it DID work to supress the specified category)

So, for now I’ve pulled the code, and my Twitter category is back on my main page; leaving me to try and decide if there is enough value in having my twitter posts regurgitated here on my blog.

It’s too bad too. I searched a long time trying to figure out how to supress a category from the homepage in wordpress. In case anyone is interested, here is the php I was using that caused all the issues:

?php if (is_home()) {query_posts(“cat=-3″);} ?

And for those of you who may be wondering why it all really mattered (as most blog visitors don’t surf through a blogs paginated archives much anyway)… I was receiving a decent amount of traffic on a couple popular Facebook related keywords for a short post I made on Facebook Grant Money and as soon as that post dropped off my HomePage (and became inaccessible to Google) the traffic dried up.

So the moral of the story is…

It’s REALLY important to provide Google with a path to your post’s permalinked URL from your homepage.

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