Off to the BigSeminar in Georgia

Tomorrow’s going to be a long day of travelling.

I’m heading to Atlanta to attend Armand Morin’s BigSeminar.  Many of the shows attendees are merchants of ours, so it is always an interesting show to attend.

Unfortunately I’ve gone and let my passport expire.  I haven’t been out of the country much in the past couple of years (3 babies in 3 years will do that to you!) and hadn’t realized that I needed to renew my passport.  And of course, as the US is in a ‘heightened state of security’ I can’t fly in without a passport anymore; which means we need to DRIVE into Buffalo and catch a flight to Atlanta from there… ridiculous!

I hate that it’s more difficult to get across the border now-a-days, and before any of my American friends and readers get their knickers in a bunch, I DO understand it, but I still hate it for a number of reasons.

While we may have our little cultural differences, Canadians and Americans really are just two sides of the same coin and I for one am fiercely proud of the fact that our nations have the world’s longest undefended border.  And it’s been that way for a long, long time.  Anything that impedes on that is ultimately unfortunate.

Anyway, I’m tired and getting off topic here a little.

This started as a post about the BigSeminar :) 

So I leave the house tomorrow around 7:30 am, and should get to the hotel in Atlanta somewhere around 5:30  pm.  Long day of travelling!

But, good times will be had by all.  I’m looking forward to talking to our merchants, and some of the presenters.

If you happen to be going, make sure you look for the 1ShoppingCart team!