Notice something funny here?

Something Funny in here!

I’m currently in the process of moving out of my previous home at (TMR) in favour of

This is a fairly labour intensive job and will likely take me a couple of days to complete.

I’m copying all the posts from TMR and reposting them here at Then 301′ing to the new posts to help my search engine love.

I’m also doing most of this by hand… one post at a time.

My only saving grace is the fact that I have only been using the current incarnation of TMR for about 40 days and there are only about 130 posts, half of which I will leave for fallow (I’m only bringing the good stuff… at least the ‘better’ stuff).

Besides feeling a little pretentious about hiding behind my own name now, I think I will be happier in my new digs. I bought TMR years ago for one purpose or another and have been sitting on it ever since. When the Thirty Day Challenge cropped up this year I dusted off TMR for the sake of expediency. Now that I have signed on to moderate the Thirty Day Challenge forum on a more permanent basis, I thought I should make a more permanent home.

So I am going to listen to Chris Brogan’s advice and ‘Be the Brand’ (I don’t know if Chris has actually worded it quite like that…) and I now find myself squarely on… well, myself at Ironically (in a completely sideways direction of the conversation), Chris is having some duplicate domain issues of his own right now.

Well, I’ve got to get back to moving some posts over, creating 301 redirects, moving more posts over… creating more 301 redirects.

I just wanted to touch base with everyone and try to explain the short term madness!


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4 thoughts on “Notice something funny here?”

  1. Thanks Chris; and well said.

    Being me on my own domain ( is kind of like trying on brand new clothes that look an awful lot like the ones in the closet…

    I appreciate the visit!

  2. Hey Mike. I like the new look. I know what you mean and know how hard the work is. Unfortunately when I went to buy my name. It was already taken. I have a personal blog still on blogger. I went for shanesworld dot com turns out its a freaking pron site. everything I wanted with my name in it is already taken or parked (shakes fist at the fickle hand of fate) Baaarrgh!!
    I orginally my current domain on blogger and when I started to make money I switched over and did it by hand leaving the crap posts on blogger. Took DAYS man.
    Good luck to you on your new home !!

  3. Thanks Shane,

    It has been a little easier for me, I found a WP plugin that helps with the 301′s and some Twitter friends helped me get the info I needed on moving the database from one domain to the other (usually I have IT deparments do that for me, so it was interesting having to do it myself!)

    Not there yet, but hope to finish it up on the weekend :)

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