Argh… I need help! I broke the mainline!

I’m in a bit of trouble :(

Something I’ve done to this template has screwed up my page navigation… This is Michael being frustrated (with myself of course!)

Problem: if you scroll down to the bottom of my homepage you will see navigation options to navigate through older pages of posts.  Unfortunately if you click through any of them you are taken to a copy of my homepage.

In other words, it looks like all of my paginated index pages are drawing from my most recent posts.

And I can’t figure out how to fix it.

Solution: ? This is a call for help / suggestions / sympathy (just kidding!) … if you have any idea what I may have done, or how I may fix it, please email me at:

mvaliant at  gmail .com or leave a comment…

Thank you!

(and yes, I’m using a plugin to modify how my pagination appears, but this issue predates that plugin!)

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