the Number 23

I just finished watching the Jim Carey movie 23.

As the movie ended and I hit the power button on the remote, I glanced up at the digital clock above the TV…

It read 1:13, which my influenced mind read as 23. eerie.

hmm… now that I think a little bit more about it…

www.michaelvaliant.com/ = 23 characters!

Todays date is 2/10/07 (10-7=3!)

I’m 32 this year! (23 backwards)

I live at the 53 house on my street (5 upside down is 2!)

I’m leaving in 2 days for a 3 day seminar in Atlanta!

I have 2 kids, but will have 3 by the end of the year!

I’ve been trying to write this now for almost 23 minutes!!

And this message will self-destruct in exactly 23 seconds!!!!