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Periodically we receive requests for the ability to remove the ‘continue shopping’ button from the shopping cart checkout page.

This is a common request from merchants who are only selling a single product (or at least a single product per site) and therefore have nothing to Continue Shopping for!

Well, we don’t have a solution yet (sorry) but I do have a work around for you!

One of our merchants, who is a much better CSS guy than I am, provided me with this:

/* Temporarily Hiding the Continue Shopping Button */
#ctl00_scPageContent_continueShoppingButton { display: none; visibility: hidden;}

I tested it and it works, the Continue Shopping Button disappears when the code snippet has been used.

But Where Do I Stick It?

um… yes.

Simply copy the 2 lines of code above and paste them into the ‘Custom CSS’ field on your ‘Options >> Cart Customization’ page within your account. 1SC screen cap

I should also mention that this should ONLY be used if you are ONLY selling 1 product and ONLY if you are using the 1 Step Checkout Links!

If you are also using a 2 step process through the same account, the Continue Shopping button on the ‘View Cart’ page will also disappear as it shares the same name!

Hope this helps – caveat emptor!

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  1. It didn't work for me at first, but I went into the source code and found the id for the button then replaced the “#ctl00_scPageContent_continueShoppingButton” with the code given and it worked fine.

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